About me

Hi, welcome to my blog =)

I am Sofia. I am an Indonesian and currently stay in Singapore. I am married to a loving husband, Doan, and I am a stay-at-home Mom for our wonderful children, Alexander and Ella.

In this blog, I gonna share my personal experiences, things that I do, and the challenges that I face in my motherhood and ‘housewife-hood’ journey =)

I hope that you’ll have a great time reading and I also hope that we may enrich each other in our journey on earth.




2 Responses to About me

  1. Hi Sofia!
    This is my first (and definitely not the last!) time on your blog – just came from the post about washing grapes 🙂 I too am a stay-at-home mama and happy homemaker on a journey to making our home more green and sustainable. Looking forward to linking up and “enriching each other in our journey on earth.”

    Take care and peace,

    • Sofia says:

      Oh my goodness Sarah!!! Your blog is so goooood!!! =D Really!!! I have been reading your posts and I can’t stop reading and reading. Thank you so much for all the nice comments. I won’t know that there is such a great blog like yours if you didn’t drop by and leave some messages =)

      Hope to link up and learn more things from you =)

      Grace and peace,

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