Chinese Lantern Craft – Using Hong Pao Paper

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! *excited* =D We did a simple craft last week to decorate the house with small Chinese lanterns. And in the process of making it, I then realized that I don’t do as many stuff as my mother does in preparing for Chinese New Year. I don’t buy new clothes for the kids, I don’t do spring cleaning, and I don’t even bake a single cookie.

Mmm…We shall see if we can come up with a quick and easy cookie recipe this week then =P

DSC07109OK. Back to the Chinese lantern craft, we used Hong Pao papers to make them. I cut off the cover, and drew lines on the paper (see the image on the left).

Alex then cut the Hong Pao paper according to the lines. The top stripe will be used for the lantern’s handle later.

DSC07097This is a good exercise for Alex to encourage his cutting skill. The task looks so simple for me, but apparently not for him. He put all his attention, concentration, and effort to cut those lines, and he did a good job, I must say.

After finish cutting all the lines, unfold the paper and form the paper into a tube shape to transform it into a lantern. Glue the top and bottom corners. Then attach the handle with glue or tape on the lantern.

We made some and used them to decorate our living room. At least they bring a little bit of Chinese New Year’s spirit in the house =D


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