Letter to Alex on His 4th Birthday

My dear child,

As I ponder and reflect on my life for the past four years, I am thankful. I thank God for He has created you and entrusted you in our family. And I praise Him for His faithfulness and love that He never fails to show us, especially during the tough moments when we need to make a choice and decide on important matters. 

In this letter, I’ll share with you one of the toughest decision that your dad and I had to make about four years ago. It was the decision whether I needed to continue working, or stay at home to take care of you. Deep inside, I knew that God wanted me to be full-time mom but we knew that this is going to be challenging financially. When I was pregnant with you, I got a job offer at an Oncologist clinic which I’d been dreaming for, and letting go was even more costly.

After much praying and thinking, we decided that I will be a stay-at-home mom. Though doubts surfaces time and again, this path gave us tremendous peace. I felt God’s guidance and encouragement to be so real in my daily life and chores. Little things like advice and messages from friends asking whether I needed this or that felt like angels strengthening me again and again. 

It was not an easy path, I must say. I needed many months to adapt and get used to the routines, and I needed to let go a lot of my personal interests and wants. But to tell you the truth, it was the best decision we’d made so far. 


I thought that I’ll lose out, but in fact I gained so much blessing, happiness, and a solid bond with you, which I treasure the most.  To be able to spend time and get to know you well, to hold you tight whenever you are sad and afraid, and to share my joy and laughter with you every single day is just priceless. 

On this special day, I pray that you enjoy your childhood to the fullest, learn and explore all the things around you, and most of all receive the love that our Father in heaven have in store for you.

Love you,


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4 Responses to Letter to Alex on His 4th Birthday

  1. vicky says:

    A heartwarming letter, Ci! Happy birthday Alex! You’re blessed to have your parents!

  2. Nicole says:

    Happy birthday, Alex! I think your sweet mom deserves a big hug, too 😉

    • Sofia says:

      Hi Nicole, has been a long time yeah. Hope you are doing great with the two boys =) Just visited your blog, and see how they enjoy each other’s companion. And you are such a creative mama!!! =D

      Thank you for the wishes for Alex =)

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