Letter to My Children – Things That Daddy Did For You

My dear children, 

In this letter, I’ll share with you few things that your father had done for you when you were small. You might be too young to remember them, so I write them down for your future read and I hope that you’ll cherish your moments with him, and be thankful of what he had done for you. 

As your mother, I know very well how your father actually wished to have a break and sit in front of his computer every night after he got back from work. However, no matter how tempting for him to do so, he always chose to sit with you on the play mat and entertain all your demands. He built a nice church with one hanging bell using your blocks as per your request, he read as many books as you wanted to, and most of all, he tried really hard not to look bored when he played with your mini cars, shapes sorter and rattles.  

And not only that, my dear, I also know how much he enjoys his bath time and how he loves to take a long shower after a tiring day.  But every time before he entered the bath room, he always asked aloud “Anyone haven’t bath yet?”, and two of you will giggle and join him in the mini water play, and ‘spoil’ his peaceful moment, of course. But he did not mind that. He loved to give you shower every night. And the laughter and noise that I could hear from outside telling me how much fun you guys had in the ‘water playground’. 

He is a person who appreciates cleanliness and gets disgusted easily with dirty stuff. But do you know that he had changed your diapers countless times? And when you were ill and vomited, do you know that he was the first person who always grabbed the pail and mop the floor? To tell you the truth, he had clear your mess countless time and he did all that without complaining. I guess, it is because he loves you…so much. 

Everybody knows that he is a gentle and soft spoken man. But there were occasions where I heard him shouted so loud at you. Do you wanna know what makes him so angry? It was not because you were being disobedient or rude, but it was because you were approaching dangers and he was warning you. You are just too precious for him to loose, and it hurts him the most if you are injured. 

There are many more things that he’d done for you, and many other things that he’d sacrificed for you. It is impossible for me to write it all down in this letter. But one thing for sure, he loves you so much. Not only that he gave you his time, money, and affection, but he gave you all. He gave ‘himself’ to you. 

DSC02768.JPG1aMy dear, let me end this letter with short prayers for both of you.

For you, Alex, I pray that you’ll witness your father’s life testimony, follow his footstep, and grow into a gentleman who loves the Lord, family, and the people around you.


And as for you, Ella, I pray that you’ll find someone like him, a man who fears the Lord and dedicates himself to love his family. And may you’ll grow beautifully inside out and support him till the end, for the Lord’s glory. 

In Jesus’ name I pray. 


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