Benefits of Drawing for Children

Alex shows interest in drawing (doodling) recently. He can easily spend 15-30 minutes drawing on his magnetic board while waiting for me to finish my chores, which seldom happens when he plays with his other toys.

I do introduce finger paints, crayons, and colour pencils to him, but somehow he shows more interest on the magnetic board. It is just his personal preference, I think.

He doesn’t like finger painting because of the mess (he is a clean freak =P ), and so the magnetic board is just perfect for him. It is mess-free, and easy for him to handle and play with.

Let me share with you few benefits of drawing for children:

  • It helps them to develop their fine motor skills, eg. grasping, holding, and eye-hand coordination, which then will allow them to be able to  complete tasks such as writing, drawing, and buttoning.
  • It helps to develop their imagination and make them pay attention to details as they study their objects carefully.
  • It allows them to express themselves, especially when they can’t express their feeling through words, which can be very frustrating for them.
  • It helps them to learn how to make comparisons between different aspects like shapes, proportions, tones, textures, and sizes.

“Drawing is not primarily a creative means of expression,” says Eileen Adams, education officer for the Campaign for Drawing. “It is an intellectual activity – a way of understanding the world. Just as pre-verbal infants babble, so young children make marks and squiggles in an effort to order and refine their thoughts. Ideas that are either unformed or only partly formed at the beginning gradually take shape and develop through the process of drawing. “

“The visual imagery that children acquire through drawing is vital to their later understanding of subjects such as geography and maths,” Adams continues. “Without an ability to map components or make sense of symbols, children’s development in these areas is likely to be severely restricted.”

If you want to read more on how to encourage drawing skill, confidence and creativity in your children, you can read it here. It is a great post from The Artful Parent.

Below are some of Alex’s drawings when he was 18 months old. I am not sure if you can figure what they are, but according to the Artist, they are apple, car, octopus juggling balls, and banana =)

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4 Responses to Benefits of Drawing for Children

  1. I love the artwork of children and i could not agree with this post more!

    • Sofia says:

      Hi Krista =) Thanks for leaving a comment. Just visited your blog =) Will read more later when the little one is taking his nap 😉 Nice to ‘meet’ you here.

  2. leehan says:

    HAHAHAH.. car nya kayak WHALE

    • Sofia says:

      Hahahaha It can be a ‘mouse’ too =P But since he told me that “it was a car”, so I believe he was trying his best to draw a car, in his own simple version =D

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