Pregnancy: Week 8 – Letter to My 2nd Child

Dear child,

You are now eight weeks old in Mommy’s womb and your size is about 2.5 cm =) You are still very young and tiny like a cashew nut, but you know what?! You already have heart beats!!! =D Isn’t amazing?!!! They sounded so strong and fast, and they gave me such a warm feeling when I heard them because it means that you are alive and we’ll be living together very closely for the next 7 months =)

At this period, webbed fingers and toes are poking out from your arms, your eyelids practically cover your eyes, breathing tubes extend from your throat to the branches of your developing lungs. In your brain, nerve cells are branching out to connect with one another, forming primitive neural pathways.

Mmm…many things are happening inside you at the moment =)

May you grow well and healthy. And may you have a good time inside my womb for the next seven months, dear =)

Be good and enjoy…

We love you.

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6 Responses to Pregnancy: Week 8 – Letter to My 2nd Child

  1. Theresia says:

    Sofia cc, congrats yah! moga2 cc n baby sehat2 aja 🙂 And i enjoy reading your blogs! 🙂

    • Sofia says:

      Hai Theresia =)

      How are you? It has been such a long time we saw each other!!! Thank you so much for the heart warming wishes and encouragement =)

  2. klu boleh pilih, kamu harapinnya cewe ato cowo, sof???

    • Sofia says:

      Hahahahahaha Sejak ada Alex, saya sih demen anak cowok (somehow lebih low maintainance) =P =D And Alex must be very happy to have a buddy to play everyday. Tapi kalo dpt anak cewek, enak juga, jadi sepasang and bisa merasakan bagaimana membesarkan anak cewek. Blm gitu ada preference jadi nya, Ci =D

  3. Grace says:

    Dear Sofi, it’s so amazing to see that the baby life starts from the small cashew nut. thank you for sharing the picture. Hope u have an enjoyable pregnancy journey dan sehat2 yah sof. ^^

    • Sofia says:

      Hai Grace!!! =) Thank you!!!! Yeah…it is so amazing to hear the heart beats from such a tiny baby =) Sekarang sdh much better, kembung2 nya sdh agak terkontrol, sejak saya makan dikit-dikit tapi frequency nya bnykan =D Harus kontrol diri nih walaupun laper hehehehe =)

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