Prata Is In The House

I love to eat roti prata, especially the crispy ones =D And my favorite is plain prata served with sugar =)

I knew that there are many brands of frozen roti prata sold at the super market. However, I never thought of buying one because the packaging looked unconvincing to me =P

But recently, my neighbor (an Indian family) told me that the frozen prata actually tastes good and delicious. So I decided to give it a try and bought one pack home.

Surprisingly, it tastes good indeed, and I have finished up three packs so far =D (that’s where all the fats come from, I guess =P ). I sometimes serve it for breakfast and also for supper.

If you are a prata lover, like me, you might want to try and buy the frozen ones, too. It is handy, easy to prepare and cheaper than the ones sold at the Food courts =)


  • Heat cooking oil in a pan (I use olive oil).
  • Put in a piece of the frozen roti prata and cook it for a few minutes each side over medium fire till lightly browned.
  • Serve it with curry or sugar (I personally prefer sugar).
PS. Take out the frozen prata (one by one) from the freezer right before you cook it because the dough will get sticky once it is thawed.
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