Discarded Table for Little Alex

Alex has found a new interest in scribbling and drawing since few months ago. He can sit for a long time (very unusual =P) and play with his magnetic board on the floor or on the sofa.

Since we do not have any table at the living room, so I thought it will be good if I can get one for him.

I looked around at some stores but have not purchase one because it was quite pricey and bulky for me to carry home. So I just kept it in my list-to-buy and did not actively look for it as I thought it was not an urgent need.

And I actually have forgotten about it until few days ago when I saw a guy discarding a children table right at our void deck. I immediately took a look at it and was so glad to find out that it was still in a good condition, except for some marks and stains on it, which can be cleansed with soap.

The table is now clean, free from stains and ready to be used again. I personally love the table. It is big, very sturdy, and has adjustable height.

And again it gives me a sense of satisfaction when I can rescue a discarded item and make full use of it.

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4 Responses to Discarded Table for Little Alex

  1. Very timely. It looks as though it’s a great size too: lots of room to spread out.

  2. low says:

    You are so lucky to find the table,very nice!

    • Sofia says:

      Hi! You are right. It is very nice. So grateful for this unexpected ‘gift’. Thank you for stopping by and give a comment =) Hope you have a good time reading =)

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