Develop a Reading Habit in Children

Few weeks ago, I decided to bring Alex to the nearby library and spend some time with him at the children’s section.

The main purpose of our visit was not for reading. It was actually more for fun and exposure. At least, I want to let him know that there is a place called library where books are all around and people read quietly.

It was the third time we visited the library but was only the first time he agreed to sit and read. During our precious visits, he preferred to just walk and run around the library, to get familiar with the new place, I guess.

And so this time round, I told myself to keep my expectation low and be grateful if he is willing to sit and read even only for one minute.

I picked few books that feature his interest and hobbies (eg. balls, duck, body parts, etc). At least, they will make him interested to read and sit, before I slowly introduced other books to him.

Senior librarian from the National Library Board, Zubaidah Mohsen, suggests five simple ways to develop reading habit in children:

  • Read aloud to your child every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. This nurtures appreciation for both the written and spoken word.
  • Visit the library – both the public one and the one you have at home. If there are more books than toys at your home, the chances of your child picking up a book when he is bored are higher.
  • Carry a book with you wherever you go. This shows your child that reading is a constrictive and fun way to pass time, whether you are waiting for your meal at a restaurant or stuck in traffic.
  • Know your child. Pick books that feature his interest and hobbies.
  • Make a reading a habit for yourself. Your child is more likely to enjoy reading if he sees that it’s important and valuable for you.
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2 Responses to Develop a Reading Habit in Children

  1. elinski says:

    Hi Sof, kt juga agak2 kesulitan develop reading habit si Nick, karena dia udah kadung kegedean and dulunya mama-nya juga ga seneng baca. Emang dr kecil mesti sering dibacain cerita, and the parents (esp. the mom yang primary carer-nya) harus seneng baca juga (even if it’s kolom gosip doang he he he). And bukunya mesti relate ke interest anaknya (books about balls? he he he 🙂 Coba ke toko namanya Twinkle Thinkers di Harbourfront Center deh … buku anak2 mereka banyak banget and murah2 🙂

    • Sofia says:

      Iya Na…kalo saya lagi baca, sometimes Alex juga bisa ambil buku dia and jadi pengen baca =) Oh, saya pertama kali dgr ttg Twinkle Thinkers. Sip Sip. Will defenitely visit the store when I go Vivo. Lumayan sering kesana soalnya, ada tempat main anak =D Thanks for the Info yah =)

      Kamu kayaknya sdh prepare to read a lot for your baby yah =D

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