A Simple Play Tent for Little Alex

I saw a lot of nice play tents at the store and ever considered to buy one for Alex. I thought he must be very excited to have a special enclosed space for him to play and do his activities.

But at the end, I decided not to purchase one because it was quite bulky, costly, and I was not sure if he will enjoy playing inside the tent for a long time.

So I decided to just make a simple one instead, by using my own blanket (the largest cloth that I can find at home).

I spread the blanket over my four dining chairs and … TA DAA!!! The ‘square-shaped’ tent is ready!!! =) Mmm…can I still call it a tent if it is squarish? =P

Alex loved the idea. He laughed out loud while running and jumping inside and outside the ‘tent’. He looked up and pointed his finger to all the images at the blanket. There were balloons, cat, flowers and BALL!!! =D (it was actually an image of a full moon =P )

However, he was interested in the tent only for 15 minutes. In his case, it was a good thing that I did not buy the play tent.

And to make full use of my blanket, water and electricity, I make the tent only on the days when I plan to wash my blanket (right before I throw it into the washing machine).

It is such a simple and humble tent, but we had a great time playing together =)

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4 Responses to A Simple Play Tent for Little Alex

  1. Leonny says:

    heheh .. jadi inget waktu dulu anya masih umur segituan juga … dibikin ‘rumah2an’ pake selimut … http://www.oureverydaythings.com/2006/02/newer-invention/

    kids basically ga akan lama2 amat main satu toy … so utk aku pribadi, if we can just make something up tanpa beli … in the end, we all benefit from it πŸ™‚ less things to keep in our home too πŸ™‚

    have fun with Alex! =)

    • Sofia says:

      Thanks Ci =) You are right. All of us benefit from it, less things to keep at house…more space for him to run around…and save money =D

      Btw, Anya’s play house was so nice. Ada pintu nya segala =D

  2. Our boys love playing tents/huts/space-ships with just using blankets and chairs. I’ve actually put aside about six old blankets just for this purpose and they often spend many hours at a time creating and re-creating with them. We also have a bought one (someone else bought it for them) and they don’t play with it nearly as much. Good choice, I say. πŸ™‚

    • Sofia says:

      Oh really?! I wonder how your boys can make a space-ship with a blanket. They are so creative!!! =D Currently, I can only think of making a simple tent with a blanket =P

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