DIY Cable Organizing Box

I have one multi-purpose table in our bedroom. It is actually my dressing table, but because of space limitation that we face at home, I use it as my ‘study table’, too.

As the result, I have so MANY things on the table. There are cosmetics, hairdryer, computer, table lamp, mobile phone, books, and MANY other stuff. You name it, I have it =D

In fact, it looks more like an office table than dressing table now, and it looks messy most of the time. But since it is placed in our bedroom, I really need to make it more sightly and less chaotic.

OK. The first thing that I need to tidy up is the cables. There are so many of them, and they make my eyes really sore whenever I look at them. I need to cover them. I visited few stores that sell many organizing box, but I could not find what I need. So I decided to make a simple one using a shoe box.

Few things that I use:

  1. Shoe box
  2. Wrapping paper
  3. Scissor
  4. Pen knife
  5. Scotch tape


1. Cut a rectangle hole on one side of the shoe box.

2. Wrap the box with wrapping paper of your choice.

3. Arrange and put all the cables inside the box.

4. Cover it.

PS. You might want to make extra holes behind the box to create better air circulation.

Quick look — before & after.


          Before                &              After

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4 Responses to DIY Cable Organizing Box

  1. OK that looks fab, now what do I do with the box of cables we’re keeping because we don’t know if we’ll need them and have forgotten which piece of technology they belong to?

  2. Jason Lin says:

    Good idea……… but how to fwd this to my wife? (pretence

    • Sofia says:

      Mmmm…I got an idea. Buy her a super nice shoes, and when her mood is already high, then ask her to make something out from the box, eg. cable organizing box =P =D

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