My Fierce Little Runner

I love to take pictures of Alex while he is walking or running because his facial expression is constantly changing in every little step that he takes.

He can smile mischievously for a second and then suddenly looks so serious in the next second. He is just so lively when he walks and runs =)

This is the first time I see and capture his fierce expression. I love it! =D But hopefully it won’t be too often tough as I still prefer his smiles =P

(Alexander, 20 months old)

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5 Responses to My Fierce Little Runner

  1. It must take so much concentration for them to run. I catch a similar look on the Butterfly’s face when he is climbing or hammering: intense thought! Just as well he’s a smiley boy too – certainly more fun.

    • Sofia says:

      Wow!!! I never catch butterfly’s face before. I always want to take a picture of them but they always fly away before I get close =P

  2. I call my toddler (19 month old) son the Butterfly…

    • Sofia says:

      Hahahahahahahaha =D Sorry!!!! =P Actually I was wondering “Why I never see any butterfly with different expressions?” =D =D

      Butterfly…he must be very active and love to ‘fly’, right? =)

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