My Journey in Wonderland

I had a dream last night and it was kinda weird. In my dream, I was thrown into another world. A world that I, myself, never imagined or saw in any movie before. It was BIG and BRIGHT. Definitely bigger and brighter than our world. And it was so NOISY too. I could hear so many strange sounds and noises all around me. Most of them sounded familiar but some of them were new to my ears.

The people who lived there were all GIANTS!!! Their size was about TEN times bigger than us, they were hairy, wore colorful costumes everyday and spoke  a strange language which I did not understand at all.

Strangely, I was not scared or afraid of them.  They seemed to care a lot about me and they greeted me with smiles and laughters. Even though I did not understand any single word that they said, their hugs and kisses made me feel comfortable around them.

I had two favorite giants. One was called Sam, and another one was called Ruby.  Sam was bigger and stronger than Ruby. He was active, fun and friendly. I loved to play with him even though many times I was shocked by his loud laughter and voice which was deep and hoarse. Unlike Sam, Ruby’s voice was sweet and lovely. She was gentle, soft spoken and loved to sing. I enjoyed sitting on her lap and listening to her voice and singing. It was the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard. And many times I fell asleep on her lap when she sang to me.

Since they were my favorite giants, I decided to stay with them in their mansion. It was such a big mansion that I got lost many times. Whenever I was lost and could not see them, I did not know what to do but screamed and cried out loud. Most of the time, Ruby would find me, picked me up and comforted me in her arms until I settled down. I was so grateful that I had Ruby who was always there to comfort and accompany me.

Even though I liked Sam and Ruby, sometimes they made me upset. It happened on a sunny day. The weather was very hot and it made me felt so warm. I wish to change my clothing and put on a thinner one instead. So I told Ruby just that and asked for her help to get me my clothes because I did not know where they put them. To my surprise, she gave me porridge instead. I told her that I was not hungry, but she did not understand me and kept on asking me to eat. She was quite gentle initially, but then she became angry and forced me to eat. I gently refused at first, but then I had to shout real loud when she kept shoving me the porridge. The more I struggled, the more she used all her strength to push the food into my mouth. Arrgghhh….I was so frustrated!!!

I screamed and cried out loud, “NO!!! I just want to change my clothes. I do not want to eat!!! I was not hungry and the food was not nice!!! Please!!! NO!!!!!!!!!”


Suddenly I was awake and realized that it was all just a dream. It was still dark outside. I looked at the clock and it was only 4 am in the morning. I turned around and was pleased to see Alex was sleeping soundly right beside me. He looked so sweet and lovely. I looked at him for a while. Then I closed my eyes again and went back to my sleep.

PS. The above story was a fiction inspired by Alex.

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2 Responses to My Journey in Wonderland

  1. That’s exactly how I think our kids see us. Great post. 🙂

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