Skin Rash Allergic Reaction

Last week, I noticed some bumps and rashes on Alex’s face when he was playing at home. The rashes was quite bad. They almost covered his whole face and were warm to the touch.

There was no new food or drug introduced to him on that day and so I suspected that he was allergic to something in the environment. I guessed it was from the new toy that I gave him just few minutes before the rashes appeared. I did not wash or wipe the toy beforehand =(

It was Sunday night and there was no clinic opened on that day. So I told myself to keep calm and cool because if I get panic, I won’t be able to think clearly and Alex will be affected by my reaction.

First thing that I did was I cleansed his face with mild soap. Then I quickly grab my first-aid box, took out a bottle of anti-histamine medicine (Zyrtec syrup) and gave one dose to him.

And while waiting for the medicine to react, I soaked the new toy in warm soapy water and trimmed his finger nails because I was afraid that he’ll scratch his face uncontrollably when it gets itchy.  Then I also took few pictures of the rashes in case I’ll need to show them to the doctor for better diagnosis.

Luckily, Alex was not really affected by the rashes, except for mild itchiness. I saw him scratched his face for few times but other than that, he was fine and active.

However, I still need to watch him very closely because he’ll need emergency treatment if:

  1. He experiences the symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction, which includes abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing and swallowing, cough, and anxiety. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that occurs rapidly and causes a life-threatening response involving the whole body. This reaction can lead to difficulty in breathing and shock ultimately leading to death. (www.
  2. If swelling develops rapidly, particularly involving the mouth or throat, because it might lead to narrowing of the airway passage and difficulty in breathing.

Thank God! The rashes slowly disappeared within 30 minutes and they were totally gone on the next morning. So we did not go to see the doctor and I decided to just monitor his condition at home.

Lesson learnt:

  1. Always stand by a bottle of anti-histamine medicine at home.
  2. Always wipe or clean new toys before giving them to children.

Did you or your kids ever experience skin rash allergic reaction? If yes, I would really love to hear from you and learn how you treated them =) 

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6 Responses to Skin Rash Allergic Reaction

  1. goei.shimon says:

    Gpp, I occasionally has that too, environmentally related, sometimes dehydration can cause that also. If it is environmental, just wash and cool the skin with lots of water – it’s a good practice to rinse at least 15min. If dehydration, normally my ear turns red like cooked prawn, normally I just gulp 2 glass of water and cool my ear down. If due to food poisoning (yes it can happen), last time I had it in the inner thigh area (the whole thigh turns red and warm), it is immediately the sign that your intestine is rejecting something poisonous (according to doctor), quickly get anti-histamine. Kalo alergic to food, I don’t have one.

    • Sofia says:

      “If it is environmental, just wash and cool the skin with lots of water”. Mon, do you mean that I need to give him lots of water to drink? Or you mean, cold compress the rashes area?

      I just know that dehydration can cause rashes too. Thanks for your info =)

      Btw, if the rashes due to food poisoning, do the rashes will ONLY appear on the thigh or it can actually affect other area too (eg, face, hand, etc)?

      Thanks Mon for your helpful information =)

  2. Andrea says:

    Ethan juga pernah tuh Sof. Namanya Urticaria (kalo org chinese bilang wind hives soalnya bisa pindah2). PDnya bilang juga obat cuma Zyrtec. Itu bisa karena macem2 (food, chemicals, etc0, mungkin juga karena sudden change of temperature (panas-dingin, or vice versa). Tapi sejak that one last episode, belum pernah kambuh lagi.

    • Sofia says:

      Hi Ci =)

      Phew…lucky I happened to have Zyrtec at home on that day. The doctor always prescribed that for Alex if he has a cold.

      So for Ethan’s case, do you know what is the cause?

      Ok, now I know that sudden change of temperature can cause rashes too =D Thank you! =)

  3. Moriah Borcherding says:

    Antihistamines can really reduce the symptoms of alllergy like sneezing or skin itching but it can also make you very drowsy. :.:;”

    Warmest wishes“>

    • Sofia says:

      You are right. I’ll be very drowsy if I take antihistamine (some brands make me drowsier than others). However, I am surprised that my son is not affected at all =D

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