“Just follow me, Mom.”

We went to the park again this morning =) Usually I will lead Alex and ‘pull’ him to my favorite place when we reach there (mmm…you can say that I actually ‘force’ him to play at my favorite place). The place where I can sit down and relax while watching him plays. Yeah…I love that particular place because it is very convenient for ME.

But today I decided to let him lead the way and I’ll follow him wherever he leads me. Of course, back in my mind I know that I might not have a chance to sit down and relax because he will always on the move and explore =)

Surprisingly, it was not the case. He actually stopped walking many times and he even sat down on the ground for few times just to watch the little things that I myself will not notice.

He stopped walking to watch a sleeping cat, he also stopped to watch butterflies flying and chasing around, and he stopped again to touch leaves, flowers and stones.

He sat down on the ground for few times during his exploration to watch busy ants, birds, falling leaves and many more things.

He will then continue walking again after he was satisfied with his observations. To tell you the truth, the paths that he chose to take were not the ones that I will lead him to =P They were narrow, deserted, quiet and not so well maintained =D But I guess they made him even more curious and excited.

Overall, I enjoyed being led by him this morning =) He showed me many beautiful things that I tend to miss out in my life. And I think I should let him lead me more often from now on =)



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6 Responses to “Just follow me, Mom.”

  1. goei says:

    Great post! He might become the next Alexander the Great

  2. I love wandering anywhere with small children. They do take their time to ‘see’ the tiny details of life that we are too busy to notice anymore. Enjoyed this post. 🙂

    • Sofia says:

      Hi Karyn, thanks for visiting my blog =)

      You are right. They do take their time to walk…see…and enjoy every steps that they take =) While we run…busy doing things…and forget to enjoy many things around us.

      So many things to learn from these little ones =)

  3. nicole says:

    Can’t agree more with you.
    Kids often make us look at the little things that we would otherwise fail to admire… 🙂
    They’re just amazing!

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