Chicken and Lup Cheong Rice

As a full-time housewife with one active toddler at home, I can’t afford to spend too much time at the kitchen. I must cut and cook in a very fast speed, with hope that I am done cooking before Alex gets bored and asks for my attention.

Many times I have to stop cooking half way to attend to him, and continue my cooking again later. But as the result, my dish can be half-cooked or over-cooked sometimes.

That is why I love to collect recipes which only need minimal time to prepare and cook, but can satisfy the whole house. And this is it!!! =)

All I need to do is just to marinade the chicken together with the other ingredients, and DUMP them into my rice cooker when my rice is half way cooked. And with this one dish alone, I can feed the whole house for the whole day, including Alex =D

If you want to read the full recipe. Just click on the link here

Hope that you’ll bring joy to your family and friends with this simple recipe, especially if they love Lup Cheong, like we do =D

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