Easy Way to Childproof the Cabinets

Alex loved to play with our cabinets’ doors since he started to crawl and stand; he used to swing, bang, open, and close the doors countless times, and will only ‘agree’ to stop when his fingers get caught by the door.

Even though he became more skillful day by day,  playing with the doors without any accident, but my mind was still not in peace whenever I had to do something at the kitchen and leave him alone at the living room. I was worried that he will get injured. And besides, I was also worried that he will move all my things out from the cabinets, which had happened for so many times =) So to make things safer for him and easier for me, I bought some childproof cabinet latches from the store.

However, I was quite reluctant to use the latches for all my cabinets after I found out that they can leave some permanent marks on the cabinets’ door. Then I started to think if there is any better solution that can safe Alex and also my furniture. And the answer is RUBBER BANDS =D

I use three rubber bands for each cabinet and tie them around the door knobs for few times (you can see the picture for more details). 

It works well for us =) Alex still can’t manage to open the cabinets until now and I guess by the time he can do it, he is big enough to understand what is dangerous for him and what is not.

I hope that this simple tips will be useful for you if you have the same type of door knobs as mine =)

By doing it this way, we can safe our little ones, our furniture and also our pockets =D

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2 Responses to Easy Way to Childproof the Cabinets

  1. This is brilliant! I’ve been reluctant to try all those childproof locks for the cabinets, and I never thought that I could just use something I already had. Will definitely be trying this today 🙂

    I’m also going to Pin this on Pinterest, if that’s ok 🙂

    • Sofia says:

      Hi Sarah =D

      I am so sorry for replying late. Just have the urge to blog again after few months busy with my newborn =) She is now four months old. Time flies!!! Did the rubber band tips work in your case? Hope to hear from you =)

      I will be very happy if you Pin this on Pinterest =) Will soak myself in your blog soon, when two kids are asleep later.

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