Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a married couple, we still love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, it is much more challenging now to have a romantic dinner since we have a toddler.

Having dinner outside can be quite peaceful sometimes, especially when Alex falls asleep on his pram. But it can turn out to be very tiring too as we need to attend to his need and entertain him most of the time. I was actually tempted to just stay at home for Valentine’s Day and heat some frozen food for dinner as it’ll safe me so much time and trouble. But at the end we decided to dine out instead and celebrate this special occasion in a simple but yet romantic way.

We celebrate our Valentine’s Day few days earlier to avoid the crowd. We are not so particular about the date because we view Valentine’s Day just as a reminder for us to keep on loving and cherishing each other in our marriage. We had our dinner at Bliss Restaurant located inside Punggol Park. It is just across our block and has a good view by the pond. So it is the most convenient place for us to have a romantic dinner, especially when we need to bring Alex along.

The dinner was not like the kind we used to have when we were still courting. I may say that I ate more like an octopus now. My hands need to be everywhere and do lots kind of stuff. Just to list a few: pick up the things that Alex dropped on the floor, look for new things to entertain him, feed him, hold him before he jump out from his high chair, and at last, feed my own stomach.

But if you ask me whether it is worth it to celebrate our Valentine’s Day outside with all the troubles we need to go through, I will say “Yes, it is worth it.” All those troubles are nothing compared to the happiness when I heard Hubby said “Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear.”

We truly enjoyed our dinner. And I really thank God for the love He has showered in our marriage.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

PS. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Alex was choked by his drink and vomited during our dinner.  This is one of those things that never fail to make our dinners exciting.

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7 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Ailina says:

    haha. sweet ! simple but nice blog =)

  2. Wilson says:

    Visited your first blog post! Such a nice time spent together 🙂 Keep writing & sharing ya.

  3. Yosetine Foesada says:

    “..because we view Valentine’s Day just as a reminder for us to keep on loving and cherishing each other”
    Yosetine likes this; everyday feels like Vday 😉

  4. Yosetine says:

    Oh my goodnesssss! So I did comment here before! Okay that was probably ‘superficial’ now I think I can relate more to your post ci!!! I have stocked up frozen fries and chicken pops for Valentine’s day (and whatever day) in my freezer, and answering your three-years-ago question to what will Mr. F do on our V-day I think he will be the one slotting the fries and chicken pops into the air-fryer hahahahahahah (that’s a sad laugh out loud)

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